Services and Packages

Services and Packages

Unfortunately, drug possession and usage is prevalent in our society today.  In order to provide a safe working and/or living environment for employees and/or residents, a drug-free environment is crucial.  Random drug searches can provide the security and deterrent needed to provide that kind of environment.  Maintaining a drug free environment can no longer be dependent on human searches and monitoring.  We provide the next level of detection to help provide solutions for businesses and institutions.

Discreet K-9 is dedicated to narcotic detection by deploying only the very best K9 drug dogs and handlers.  Discreet K9 dogs and handlers have earned their excellent reputation and success through its commitment of providing their clients with not only the highest quality narcotic drug detection services but providing those services professionally and discreetly.  All of our K9 dogs have undergone extensive training and are certified in the detection of narcotics.   Our dogs can detect prescription drugs like Oxycontin, and illegal drugs including ecstasy, marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine, LSD & cocaine.  Detection also includes paraphernalia that has made contact with drugs such as these. 

Our K9 handlers are certified and experienced in providing professional K9 narcotic detection services.  Our company is sensitive to the issue of discretion and security. We work with our clients to develop a service plan that will specifically meet their unique situation and environment.  Our company provides detailed post reports after every service rendered.  These reports are consistently reviewed with Clinical, Operational, and Program Directors.

Services Packages:

As stated above, a specific service plan is developed for each client depending on their needs and facility.  The packages listed below are  general descriptions of the types of services provided.  Once a specific plan is developed, a detailed quote for service will be submitted to client for review.

Gold Package

Discreet K9's Gold package consists of a thorough search of the entire premises.  This includes both the inside and outside of the facility to include private areas, such as bedrooms and common areas, such as livingrooms and kitchens.  Depending on the size and extent of the rooms (example square footage and how many beds),  Discreet K9 can sweep however many rooms the client deems necessary.  This may include multiple visits a week depending on the size of the facility. Along with the inside of the facility,  Discreet K9 will also perform a thorough sweep of the outside premise.  If a client is concerned about a certain area, they could request attention be given to that spot prior to the search.

Silver Package

Discreet K9's Silver package is similar to our Gold package, however we only provide a sweep of the inside of the facility to include private areas,such as bedrooms and common areas such as livingrooms and kitchens.  The Silver package affords our clients a sweep twice a week and randomly searches an average of 20 beds each visit (depending on square footage of rooms).  If a client is concerned about a certain area, they could request attention be given to that spot prior to the search.

Bronze Package

Discreet K9's Bronze package includes a once a week search of an average of 20 beds (depending on square footage of rooms). 

24/7 Emergency Service

Discreet K9's emergency call service allows clients to utilize our detection sweeps whenever necessary.  We have found that there are instances when issues arise out of nowhere (for example, staff members suspect clients are high and can not find the source of the problem).  Discreet K9's 24/7 emergency service relieves the added pressure of staff members resolving the issue at hand.  Our on-call staff will provide the additional man power needed to determine the source of the problem while on duty staff can continue supervising regular activities and programs.  Prices will vary depending on the time and extent of the search.

Customize Your Package

The needs of some facilities may not fall into the packages listed above. Many factors come into play when figuring out what service will work best for you and your program.  Discreet K9 offers customization options to cater to our clients needs.  Prices may vary depending on the services rendered.