Discreet Narcotic K9

We Save Lives 24/7

Non law enforcement private confidential discreet Narcotic Detection discrete narcotic k-9 is a drug detection service for residential, schools, and business premises.

Our professional narcotic k-9 and certified handlers discretely perform drug detection sweeps of your home, school, or business.

There are many benefits when hiring discreet narcotic k-9 certified handlers. Most importantly, we are not affiliated with police or law enforcement, which allows our clients to handle the problem without involving police or the court system. ​We are here to help and save lives, and to help better your loved ones lives. By involving police, it can ruin their chances later in life with getting a job, and careers.


That is why it is beneficial to hire discreet k-9 because it can give the parents or spouses the opportunity to get their loved ones help, and give them a second chance at life.

By not receiving help or not knowing can cause permanent damage to the brain and more often, death. Residential drug detection - if you think your spouse is doing drugs or selling drugs, our team can detect drugs in the house when you send your child or teens to school or spouse to rehab, there are normally still drug stashes in the home, and if there are narcotics in the home, the home owner can remove them so they are confident there is a clean household environment.  School - to ensure your child is safe, our team can service all premises. Hallways, lockers social areas, parking lots, and dorms. Parents demand a drug free school zone.

Substance abuse research. Over 85% of high school students, and 44% of middle school students report seeing drugs used, sold, and stored, in lockers. 50% of teens in treatment programs say they used drugs 2-3 years before their parents knew. More than 80% of substance abusers hold jobs, 1 out of 4 workers ages 18-35 used drugs in the past year and 1 out of 3 knows of drug sales in their work environment.


We take our services very seriously to protect and save the lives of others. Each one of our drug detection K-9s have over 2000 working and training hours under their collars.